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Event Policies and Agreement 1/15/20

1. Registration is required for all events, no walkups. 
2. Attendees understand all events are subject to change without notice. 
3. By registering for a SMACNA St. Louis event, you agree to be bound by the terms of the event, registration, and rules and regulations as set by SMACNA St. Louis. SMACNA St. Louis reserves the right to modify, change, adjust, or alter any event, registration, rules, agreements, or information at any time without notice. 
4. All attendees are representatives of their employer or business and are attending on behalf their employer ore business, unless otherwise stated by request of an attendee. 
5. A $50 fee shall apply to all no-shows. 
6. It is at the discretion of SMACNA St. Louis to determine any fees, penalties, or other financial liabilities held by a registered attendee to a SMACNA St. Louis event. 
7. By participating in a SMACNA St. Louis event, each attendee and their employer or business is subject to fees, late penalties, insurance recovery fees, taxes, and fees, interest or penalties not stated here but as determined by SMACNA St. Louis. 
8. By participating in any meeting, training, social, or other event, you agree to hold harmless SMACNA St. Louis and its related parties. 
9. SMACNA St. Louis reserves the right to modify, change, or adjust any or all event policies with or without notice. 
10. SMACNA St. louis is not responsible for any lost items, damage to property, or other related incidents as it relates to attend a SMACNA St. Louis event. 

For a full list of policies and  procedures, please contact our office.